Prince – Piano and a Microphone Tour – Sydney Opera House 10pm Show

Saturday 20th February 2016 – 10pm show Sydney Opera House

We arrived in Sydney on my first flight (that I remember) and went straight to the Opera House and picked up our tickets and wristbands.  It was a BIG wait between then and when the concert started at 10pm so we went back to our hotel room to chill out and watch some Minecraft videos on YouTube.


We arrived early (around 6pm) for our 10pm show to have dinner and maybe catch up with a few other Prince fans from previous tours.  We went to the Opera House Bar and it was too much of a sensory overload for me (I have Autism).  So many people – people moving around everywhere – so many different noises – so many different lights – so many different smells.

I had to go and ask for a new wristband because I had pulled it so tight it was cutting off my circulation!

We leave quickly and go up to the information desk (which was closed) and Mum says to a worker named John nearby “You look like you know what’s going on!  What other options do we have for dining tonight, as my son found the Opera Bar too busy and overwhelming”.  He talks about some Pop-up bar at the Joan Sutherland concert and asks us to wait while he finds Ivan to ask him about it.  30 seconds later we are being told we have special access to the Bar for dinner.

OH bar

^^All by myseeeeeeeelf – just wanna be – all by mysellllllllllllf^^

It felt like the workers thought we were lying because we had to mention Ivan’s name at every port of call but we were given such special treatment without even having tickets to the Joan Sutherland show.  Everyone was surprised that Ivan had approved it.


^^Can you believe we had this whole area to ourselves?! ^^

The Joan Sutherland Pop-up Bar was at the second-top level of the Opera House and at the very front, harbour side of the Opera House – and we had magnificent views of the Harbour and the Bridge – it was simply an amazing experience!!!

Joan Sutherland bar

We Googled this pic of the Joan Sutherland bar

We get there and it is a completely empty except for a few waiters clearing tables and polishing glasses – and a few security guards.  The bartender is filled in that Ivan has sent us up there for dinner and proceeds to ask Mum if he should charge it to Ivan.  Mum says “I think he’s done enough for us already” and pays the bill herself.

Selfies at the bar

Turns out that the Joan Sutherland show had just begun, and the bar actually closed 10 minutes ago. It is a VERY fancy area with thrones and fancy chaise lounges and other classy seating around the place.


Soon after we arrive, the security guard asks us if we’d like him to open the doors to the large outdoor balcony for some fresh air while we wait for our dinner – heck yes!  Please!


We were told by the nice security guy that we could stay in the bar until the Prince concert started – but that interval for Joan would be at around 9.15pm – so we left the bar just before 9 to head downstairs.


That’s when we randomly ran into Michelle who runs the Facebook Prince Worldwide Fans page – AND a fellow 9yr old musician Rory – who had just come out of the 6.30 show!  Michelle conducted an interview with Rory and I. Rory’s cool!  Michelle’s pretty special herself – but still owes me $2 from pics she took of me!

So, after this, we talk to a few more people attending the show and nobody can believe I am lucky enough to have met NPG members last tour AND have tickets for two shows this tour.  Everyone is nice and excited.


We head into the Sydney Opera House and were seated about 12 rows from the stage on the ground floor.  To our right was a beautiful lady who works at the State Theatre – and she will be working tomorrow at the Prince concerts!  Mum buys her a drink and they seem to get along well.  Later two people sit to my left and don’t seem interested at all about the concert.  This annoyed me, as tickets were SO HARD to come by  – they didn’t get out of their seats and dance – or sing – or do anything really!

There were two guys in front of us that were complaining about Mum bringing a kid to the concert but I was always well behaved – and had been to more Prince concerts than them!  So there! We were singing and dancing to most of the songs.  And doing a lot of “wooooooohooooooo”.

Mum told me I could go down to in front of the stage when Nothing Compares 2 U came on!  So I did!  I was standing right in front of the front row with everyone singing and dancing and having a good time! I couldn’t really see very well but because the stage height was just at my eye level.

Front row

Mum came down a few songs later and talked to the security guards at the front, letting them know she was down there after me – but  he said “nobody fitting that description of a 9yr old has passed by me” but they saw me after a minute and she came and picked me up to see better.  The security guard wouldn’t let me sit on stage but 😦  We were so close to Prince!

The show closed with Purple Rain and 2000 very happy people left on a high.


John (who got us into the pop-up bar) took this pic after the concert for us!

Mum’s phone was dead so we couldn’t call an Uber so we found a taxi rank.  We were nearly back at the hotel when Mum realised she had lost her keycard.  She only had $3.20 cash.  The taxi driver was SO nice and just said for her to give the fare to a charity.

What an amazing night at an iconic venue.  I’ll remember this for the rest of my life!


^^The Sydney Opera House was lit up with Purple lights!^^

I really liked these songs:

Purple Rain

Diamonds And Pearls

Anna Stesia

Nothing Compares 2 u



1000 X’s & O’

Strange Relationship

How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore

Love… Thy Will Be Done

Rock ‘N’ Roll Love Affair

Screw Driver

(And of course ) KISS!!!!!!!!!!! (My new favourite.)



We didn’t get to sleep until 2am – so I slept in until 11am!


Set list courtesy of PrinceVault

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 6.12.30 pm

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