ToeJam from the Peach & Black podcast talked about me in their latest concert review!

What an honour!  The four Aussie guys that make up the Peach & Black Podcast (Player, Captain, ToeJam, and MC) have reviewed the Prince – Piano and a Microphone Australian shows. ToeJam was at the 6.30pm State Theatre concert where PRINCE (LITERALLY) PULLED ME UP ON STAGE TO DANCE TO “KISS” and he talks about it in their latest episode!

We met them very briefly on the steps of the Opera House after the 10pm Opera House show.  This is a pic someone else took of them that night.

Peach & Black 2

You can listen to the whole podcast here:

or skip to 83.25 when he has this to say about the most awesome moment of my life.

We STILL don’t have any footage, or pics of it happening so please share it with me on Facebook or Twitter if you come across anything.  You can listen to the audio of the moment here: Audio of Anzac being pulled up on stage – the last person ever to dance on stage with Prince

Anyway, later in the show he (Prince) goes into Black Sweat and Kiss and there’s this little kid down the front who’s probably like 9 or 10 (Anzac) yeah Anzac.  He was dancing up a storm so Prince got him up on stage and that was the highlight of the show – one of the highlights of the whole tour for me.


This little kid, just watching him just go off on the stage.  He’s just going all around the stage.  He wasn’t like the greatest dancer, but he had so much energy!  And like the crowd were just loving it.  Prince had the biggest smile on his face like he was just loving this kid just going crazy.


And what was really funny about it–Prince started pretending that he was like – he was being upstaged.  He was like starting to look angry – just pretending.  He’s looking at the crowd, looking at the stage like “what! this kid is upstaging me.   What’s going on?!”.  So anyway finally he stops, he points to the kid like, you know “Get off my stage!” kinda thing.


It was such a good moment.  Just Prince being so playful with everything.

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