Prince – Australian recordings + other Piano and a Microphone shows

You’re welcome xxx

[2016-04-14] Altanta – last show ever -(

[2016-02-28] Oakland

Sydneyapolis bootleg – this has complete 6.30pm shows from Opera House and State Theatre plus highlights from 10pm shows.  Below are the complete 10pm shows.

[2016-02-21 (show 2)] Sydney State Theatre Show 2

[2016-02-20] Opera House (Sydney) Show 1 & 2

[2016-02-17] Arts Centre Melbourne – (show2)

[2016-02-16] Melbourne State Theatre show 1 – Vanity Tribute

[2016-01-21(Show2)] Paisley Park

[2016-01-21(show1)] Paisley Park

[2012-05-00] Welcome 2 Australia – Volume 1 – Sydney – Eye Records

[2012-05-00] Welcome 2 Australia – Volume 2 – Melbourne – Eye Records

[2012-05-00] Welcome 2 Australia – Volume 3 – Brisbane – Eye Records

[2012-05-27] Ballroom Funk Australia – Eatons Hill MP3

[2012-05-19] HiFi Aftershow Brisbane W2AUS

2003 – SAB 302-305 When The Lights Go Down In Australia


Mum found us in a picture from the Sydney Opera House 10pm show!

Front row



More to come when I’ve finished downloading them 🙂



15 thoughts on “Prince – Australian recordings + other Piano and a Microphone shows

  1. You are AWESOME! I was at the 10 pm Atlanta show and the recording is not as great as these. THANK YOU so much for allowing me to listen and keep with me the rest of my life what I witnessed that night !

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi there
    I found your site through reading a message on utube and thought I would come on here. I am so very glad I did! Thank you so very much for sharing this with everyone. I have always loved Prince and to be able to listen to his last concerts on here and download the songs as made my day. Thanks once again and a very happy new year to you and to all of Prince’s friends.


  3. I love you, thank you so much. I miss Prince dearly and these shows are a real gift. You are so lucky to have been there! Wish the video was still up but hoping someone will release video of these shows someday. Again, thanks.


  4. Bookmarked! And you're a life saver on this one. I have book club tomorrow night and I'm ALWAYS responsible for the nibbles. We're reading 'Into the Wild' and I think a wild mushroom pate is perfectly appropriate 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  5. Thank U 4 Ur efforts in all of these, I just have a question regarding Mega upload, if you can help, once they have finished downloading, where do they go 2 listen 2?? I don’t see them anywhere in Mega, but if I return to your site, it plays with Google music.
    Again thank U 4 all your hard work, this 47 year old fan is very well pleased!
    💜💜Love4OneAnother 💜💜


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